As seen in The Collegian | Volume 1, Issue 10 -- January 22, 2002  

Julie Price
Miss Congeniality

The Interview (conducted during Finals Week of December 2001)

Whitt Weekly: Well, Julie, we must start by saying that we havenít really seen much of you this semester-much to our dismay. Where have you been?

Julie Price: At my apartment. I donít live on campus this semester. And when Iím on campus, I usually spend my time right here in Lowry Hall.

WW: Thatís right; it is finals week. Speaking of classes, can you explain some of your views concerning the relationship between Lysander and Hermia in Shakespeareís A Midsummer Nightís Dream?

JP: Sorry, I only know about childrenís literature.

WW: Fair enough. How about telling us about your experience on the new cheerleading squad this semester.

JP: Oh, itís going great! Iíve made a lot of new friends, and itís allowed me to see a totally new aspect of campus life.

WW: Well, anything that keeps you off the roads, right? We heard about a recent car accident...


WW: Of course you are. Have you driven home to Crystal Springs lately to see your cows?

JP: Actually, I havenít. But Iíve done a little bit of traveling around the state.

WW: Ah, yes. Tell our readers about your latest honors concerning the pageants.

JP: Earlier this year, I was crowned Miss Copiah County. I then competed in the Miss Magnolia State Pageant and won the title ďMiss Congeniality.Ē

WW: Youíre kidding. Thatís a real award?

JP: Yes.

WW: Whatever. Moving on...we were in Hallmark the other day, and since youíre an employee there, maybe you can clear up something for us. There was a wide selection of chocolate gift boxes; is the Whitmanís Sampler really as good as popular opinion indicates?

JP: First of all, I donít go for the boxed chocolates. For the best quality, I suggest the Pecan Delights-they come in a green package.

WW: We also noticed the extremely overpriced Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments (and then proceeded to Wal-Mart). Just out of curiosity, whatís your best-selling ornament?

JP: I would say the one called ďAmerica for Me.Ē Itís a basic flag ornament. By the way, if anyoneís looking for me over the holidays, you can probably find me in Hallmark at Northpark. Iíll be working throughout much of the break.

WW: ďBreakĒ indeed. Now, donít take this next question too personally, but just to satisfy our male tendencies for such discussion, howís your dating life?

JP: Non-existent.

WW: Oh, stop it! Girls are always talking like that! Sounds so pessimistic. We guys never get any credit. Who was your best date ever to a Shawreth Formal?

JP: Oh, Tim Krason! We had a lot of fun sneaking up and scaring people on the U.S.S. Alabama-like Mark Metcalf and Lindsey Fortenberry.

WW: And what about your best date ever to a school-wide function?

JP: Brian McCollister! That was despite the SGAís strange silent auction that was being held in the next room.

WW: See, it sounds like youíre having a good time. Besides going to school functions with fun guys, do you have any other hobbies?

JP: No, I donít really have time for any hobbies between school and work. But, being from CrystalSprings, Iím a true country girl. Name any kind of farm chore, and Iíve done it. Anything.

WW: Have you ever milked a cow?

JP: Well, no. I donít like milk.

WW: Donít like milk? Have you ever tried eggnog during the holidays?

JP: No.

WW: Ok. Well, what have you been doing to get into the Christmas spirit?

JP: Just normal stuff-putting up Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas music.

WW: Have you noticed the schoolís Christmas decorations, like the red holiday bows all over the lamp-posts?

JP: Yeah, theyíre really pretty.

WW: Yep.

JP: Well, what else do you want me to say? That wasnít a good question.

WW: Youíre right. This interviewís pretty much over. Why donít you end by telling us some favorites? Whatís your favorite movie?

JP: A Knightís Tale-I love Heath Ledger. He is extremely hot...a hot knight. Hot.

WW: Alright, thatís enough. Whatís your favorite vertebrate?

JP: I like amphibians, because theyíre really cute. I guess Iím still looking for that one frog that will turn into a prince.

WW: Yeah, yeah, yeah-romantic stuff. And whatís your favorite website?

JP: The Whittington Weekly! I check it everyday!

WW: Everyday?! Wow, guess youíve been quite disappointed this semester.

JP: Well, not really. Then, I always go and check my second favorite website - Days of Our Lives.

WW: Well, thatís not exactly a parallel we were looking to draw, but so be it. Thanks for your time Julie, and good luck with school and work.

JP: No, thank you.

WW: Weíll be seeing you later, hopefully. Lowry Hall. How the heck do we get out of this building...

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