As seen in The Collegian | Volume 5, Issue XI -- Fall 2006  

BREAKING NEWS: 93.5 Plays Switchfoot
Campus radio station gives generous airtime to band

AVEN HALL -- In a surprising turn of events, campus radio station Star 93.5 has officially acknowledged that they do indeed play music by Switchfoot.

The news came in a bold statement towards the bottom of the station's web page, where an image randomly loads a different picture of a Christian artist/band that receives airtime on 93.5's daily programming schedule.

"I've suspected it was true for awhile," said Timothy Nicholas, who teaches journalism across the hall from the station in the basement of Aven. "The other day I heard some students in my class arguing over whether or not mice and men have second tries."

According to eFollett (managers of the college bookstore), sales of pocket FM radios have increased campus wide as students have begun to synch their daily schedules to specific lines and guitar riffs in Switchfoot songs.

"When the line about yesterday being 'a kid in the corner' in 'This is Your Life' comes on, I know that I've got two minutes to reach my 11:50 British Lit class in Jennings," said sophomore Ben Blanchard of Yazoo City. "Or usually I get up at around 8:53am with 'Dare You To Move' blaring on my alarm, which is kinda cool."

Other students have taken a higher road, opting to use the ample exposure to Switchfoot's lyrics as motivation to better themselves spiritually.

"You can really feel the passion in Jon Foreman's voice, and he's so right about life being more than 'roto-tom fills' outside our 'convenient Lexus cages,'" said Jenny Sears, a junior from Vicksburg. "It really makes you think, ya know?" -- Whittington Weekly staff


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