As seen in The Collegian | Volume 1, Issue 9 -- September 25 2001  

The battle for Provine
Quad becomes chapel construction site

Students journeying to and fro through the Quad have been
forced to make a detour ever since returning to campus this fall, as the area surrounding Provine Chapel bustles with orange fencing and fallen debris. Scaffolding has been erected up the one side of the building. A large dumpster, filled with scraps of wood, metal, trash, a matress, and a McAlister's cup, rests outside the rear entrance.

Initially, campus scuttlebutt speculated that William Waller's plans for a new student center called for a "Provine annex" of sorts. However, Waller recently confirmed that this was not the case and that the real student center would be "standing up" sooner than later.

Another rumor that the renovation was part of an effort to remove grafitti from the side of the chapel was also dispelled.

The official line? Campus officials are simply repairing select shingles along the top edges of the historical Choctaw landmark without having to remove the entire roof.

Selected students reportedly had to dodge the falling rubble from above as a worker on the top plank shouted "Look out below!" In response to these claims, one administration member offered to loan out the infamous Howell Todd hard hat. -- Whittington Weekly staff


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