As seen in The Collegian | Volume 1, Issue 9 -- September 25 2001  

Sun sets on New Dawn
Tribute to Todd

CLINTON, MS -- As the calendar turned over to the month of July, Howell Todd, college president of seven years, vacated his post in Farr Hall and returned home to Tennessee. We know it hasn't been easy for you over the last year, Dr. Todd, and perhaps we've been guilty of contributing to that sometimes. Regardless, you will be greatly missed. The Whittington Weekly salutes you Howell Todd, for all of your immortal contributions to the largest college in the Clinton area, namely our friend Ku Gel (who is currently grieving privately over your departure). Your legacy casts a very, er, tall shadow and your replacement will literally have some huge shoes to fill. So go on, build that Habitat House with our blessing!

Before riding off into the sunset, Dr. Todd made sure to stop by and bid the Weekly staff farewell. Join us for a special look at these final touching moments along with a few of our favorite HWT images from the past in the Whittington Weekly's


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